VIA Trading London has been established in the UK since 2010.

Although we are a new establishment company, the organisation in the Far East (based in China / Hong Kong) has been developed and still progressing in the related industry for more than 25 years. Over the year, our company business has been developed which involved our clients from the West Midlands and London area.

Our company provides and supplies all kinds of Asian and Western White-ware Porcelain of highest quality, Japanese and Magnesium Porcelain for hotel and restaurant trades.

As the part of it, our company are expanding the range of supplies which inclusive kitchen equipment, glassware, glass works such as glass counter, glass logo, shutter glass and etc, stainless steel rack, signage with LED light effects, housing and commercial light fittings and building materials.

As for the introduction of foreign advanced ceramic manufacturing process technology and high quality innovation, VIA have a dedicated project and sales team who are people-oriented, innovative and professional to deliver the best quality of services towards to our client, it is for this reason we are fully committed to work 24/7 throughout as well as providing after sales services.